Guidos GALAxy No Make-up Trend

Guidos GALAxy No Make-up Trend is really behind the

Guidos GALAxy: Today we go up !

Guidos GALAxy.

Gu > Facebook Pinterest Twitter E-Mail 15.01.2016. and Star-Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer explains the “No Makeup”Trend. Which skin type is particularly well suited, and who should leave the house rather made up, read here.

If Hanelore strolls in the Morning without make-up to the Baker, she has not sleepy necessarily, automatically, and no time for your morning Beauty Routine found – because without makeup the new makeup is and Hanelore is fully in the Trend.

All joking aside, this is really behind the “No Makeup”trend topic: unlike the Nude-Makeup, the including Mascara, Eyeliner and bright colored lipstick is omitted, the No-Makeup Look, not even Basic products such as Foundation, tinted Concealer or powder to use. Facial features such as freckles, wrinkles, slight redness and Shine to the natural permeability of the Beauty Trends to deliberately underline.

Fans accuse her of Manipulation .

Well maintained Beauty mask.

For whom is this Trend suitable? Especially young women will be able to implement the unvarnished Look, of course, with the most easily – after all, you already have a wrinkle free and young skin. For all Teenagers who are just starting out, the cosmetic Palette of mom friends, it could even be a great advantage. A lot of girls to put butts in the buckets, in fact, early on, with a bunch of beauty products and take your skin to enormously.

More Mature ladies should also have no Problem in the implementation of the Trends. Especially skin that is already drawn to the life and well-earned wrinkles are showing, don’t need much Make-up she is beautiful enough!

For everyone in between, have found their personal Look just, it might be a bit more difficult. If you leave without the years of consuming well-maintained mask in the house, it could very well be that you will not detect it .

That Supermodel Cindy Crawford up looks pretty even without Make-great, it is not surprising to us at all .

Guidos GALAxy No Make-up Trend years of consuming well-maintained

That Supermodel Cindy Crawford up looks pretty even without Make-great, it is not surprising to us at all .

My love powder room.

Recently, I visited one of my Friends in the hospital, lay there in a triple room. Of course she wore in the Hospital, no Make-up and I have to admit that I have looked back only once, for a Moment, until I knew who, of the Three, my friend. I just thought: My lady powder box, which Make-up everything can cause .

It has become a kind of taken for granted that women are wearing makeup. The people who face them daily, have got used as well as the perfectly drawn eyeliner and bright red lips, as you, yourself. When you remove your Makeup at night, put a part of yourself for the Moment.

Stars without Make-up.

Women with an even skin tone that is naturally in the best case, pale pink, can join in this Trend, of course, particularly well. All of those with unclean, especially oily or very sensitive skin should better leave the fingers of it. Also prone to stress for women, which is to view every appointment too much in your face in the Form of a pale complexion or pimples, I advise not to .

The ex – “GNTM”contestant Hana Nitsche known for their sexy Looks, velvet Smokey Eyes, lip gloss and wicked Glamour Curls. However, even without Make-up, she brings the other man to the mind.

Less is more.

So or so you can learn, but in General also some of the “No Makeup”Trend. Foundations to saturate the skin quickly and as a result, unfortunately, is often unnatural. Instead, one could resort to a tinted day care. Too much Makeup makes a woman visually, some years seem older .

Dark and bright tones seem unnatural. Used Rouge please only to Places where you would actually be out of shame, or heat flush. And for the lips it does not always have to be the dark red classic. Light Nude tones or delicate Rosé shades are very much lighter and more modern – less is often more.

The most important rule, however, Remains: is your self and just goes with the current Trends, if you feel you are actually probably.

In this sense, Make-up can only make you not beautiful, !

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