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Gudrun Landgrebe - Star Portrait, News, Pictures grebe regularly for television

Gudrun Landgrebe.

For nearly half a century now, Gudrun landgrebe for the acting and the whole of Germany, thrilled thrilled for you!

Gudrun Landgrebe.

Gudrun Landgrebe.

Born 19. June, 1950 , Göttingen / Germany first name, Gudrun Name Landgrebe 69 Size 1.61 m.

Zodiac Gemini.

Partner Ulrich von Nathusius (married since 2001)

Not everyone knows that.

Gudrun Landgrebe and her husband Ulrich von Nathusius have no wedding rings. “I don’t need a Ring to know that I’m married,” the obvious explanation of Gudrun Landgrebe.

In the movie “The flambéed woman” is not Gudrun Landgrebes voice to listen to. She was synchronized by Evelyn Maron .

Gudrun Landgrebe is committed to social projects. You took a sponsorship in Chile, supported by the German children’s charity and was an Ambassador for the breast cancer awareness campaign.

“The flambéed woman” was selected in 1984 as the German contribution for the Oscar in the category Best foreign language Film, received no nomination.

Gudrun Landgrebe - Star Portrait, News, Pictures with those who

2010 landgrebe received the honorary prize of the Hessian Minister-President for special achievements in the Film and TV area.

Biography of Gudrun Landgrebe.

Whether cinema, TV series, TV films, and theatre, the actress Gudrun Landgrebe always makes a good figure. She started out her acting career, however, at the Theater. After training on the “drama school of the Keller” in Cologne, travelled Gudrun Landgrebe a good ten years by the theatre of the Republic, before they took the way to the movie screen .

Gudrun Landgrebes surprise success as a Dominatrix.

The big breakthrough office of international attention and much critical acclaim, succeeded in 1983 with Robert van Ackerens Film “The flambéed woman”. In the at that time quite engaging in raunchy strip mimed Landgrebe a bored woman breaks out of her out of your life to be a luxury call girl, and finally a Dominatrix. Her role in “The flambéed woman” brought Gudrun Landgrebe success, but for a long time she was then set on specific roles. She chose her next roles Carefully, wanted to play not only a prostitute. With the years, however, she learned, her sex appeal, to accept and to make use of their signature mix of Cool and Sex Appeal on the other hand, for their film roles .

The Ex-Bachelorette is badmouthing “Love Island”

The greatest successes of Gudrun Landgrebe.

Since then, Gudrun country grebe regularly for television and cinema, in front of the camera, but returns again and again to your beginnings on the theater stage, and through numerous appearances in crime series like “Tatort”, “Derrick”, “The Clever” or “The Old” is known. In the 90s, it caught up with the Thriller “The Kaltenbach papers” attention and stand for the legendary Film “Rossini or the murderous question of who with whom slept” in front of the camera. In the new Millennium Works such as “heart, or dough”, followed by “wonder kids”, the TV series “the vineyard” and the TV movie “a streetcar named lucky”.

The narrow Band with Götz George.

2016 Gudrun landgrebe stand for the ARD-movie “Nasty weather – the mystery of the past” for the very last Time with the actor Götz George in front of the camera. The exceptional German actor had accompanied Landgrebe, and for several decades, the two were regarded as a German dream couple in the Film, as in “cat” or “Rossini”. The shattering Gudrun country was a grebe, as you learned in the summer of 2016 by the death of Götz George. “Of all the fellow actors, he was most my Partner. Götz George’s death, I was in no way prepared. I am very sad and thoughts are with those who loved him.”

Gudrun Landgrebe private.

In real life, the cameras, away from the heart of Gudrun land belongs to grebe, but another man, her husband, the doctor, and Ulrich von Nathusius. Met Chronicles the two already in the mid-80s on the Set of the series “Heimat – A German”. In 2001, they said officially is “Yes” to each other and enjoy your of the media shielded the private lives alternately in the Hunsrück and in the South Pacific.

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