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Coronavirus, The Allergy and Asthma should patients note currently in the reader phone now .

Patients with allergies and Asthma are just confused now: Is the risk of developing a disease, the Coronavirus, for asthmatics and Allergy sufferers higher? And how to recognize the symptoms right? The answers delivered by experts in the readers phone.

Reader phone on 20.05.2020 Coronavirus in Asthma and Allergy, and n? HERE are the 20. May Expert Advice.

Patients with allergies and Asthma are particularly concerned: How dangerous is a corona infection? I belong to the risk group? On reader phone experts answer your questions on the current health topic.

Home remedies Pollen in the approach: This home remedy to fight the Allergy.

Hay fever is one of the most troublesome allergies at all. Already in the spring of first symptoms become noticeable. These home remedies can help.

Coronavirus-News up-to-date Allergy have a higher risk of infection?

Each year, allergic to Pollen, pests again: Sneezing belong to the agenda. Now the Coronavirus in addition? People with hay fever and Asthma, and therefore have an increased risk of being infected with the pathogen? The experts say .

Cathy Hummels sad It’s over! Game wife announces separation .

This separation came as a surprise: Cathy Hummels has gone from a beloved member of the family. What’s behind the surprising farewell, and what to do son Ludwig to read here.

Kate Middleton Really hairy! HERE is Duchess Kate really suffers.

As it turns out, is for Kate Middleton’s life as a Royal is heavier than previously assumed. An Allergy is tormenting you, when the question is not whether you live in the British Royal house is very bad. Click here to read everything about the Allergy of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Anaphylactic shock students want to kill a teacher with a banana .

An art teacher from the US state of Ohio has just survived an allergic shock. Students pelted them with Banana slices. A student prank that completely to the rear, went off.

Product recall in July 2019 currently warning about skin reactions! THIS lingerie will be called back.

Due to an error in the printing, there is currently a recall of the product from Tchibo. Are affected briefs and panties of a certain series of articles. Tchibo, the customer promises to indemnify.

Sarah Ferguson Fergie affected deeply! So tragic a close members of the family died.

Fergie is not known as the most popular member of the Royal Family. However, their use for non-profit organizations, worked tirelessly Oktober 2019 – Leben Hack. Now she speaks for the first time about the death of a close family member.

Allergy n Pollen-Alarm in the summer! THESE 5 things will worsen your Allergy !

Flying grass and Pollen can be for Allergy sufferers to be a real burden. Do you suffer from a Pollen Allergy? You should definitely pay attention so that the symptoms worsen also .

Product recall in March of 2019 attention currently Allergy! The manufacturer calls back Tortelloni .

For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the Giovanni RANA Deutschland GmbH calls back currently one of their products. It cannot be excluded that the Allergy could come by the consumption of the Tortelloni to damage .

Hay fever at the beginning of spring 2019 Pollen alert! You should know now .

Not only in the spring, the diagnosis of hay fever, experts are many puzzles. The causes of the distressing symptoms are unclear, but the Allergy can Suffer from patients with specific therapies .

A tragic infant death in the holiday, 9-Year-old enjoys an ice – cream shortly thereafter she is dead!

A family from England enjoyed in the Spanish resort of Mijas your holiday. Of all people, a visit to an ice cream shop missed the holiday, a tragic turn: The nine-year-old daughter died under tragic circumstances.

Product Recall In January 2019, Caution, Allergy-Free! THIS vegetable is called back broth .

The company Dennree calls back different variants of its vegetable broth. These could be contaminated with traces of celery, which could pose an allergic risk to health .

Deadly Allergy woman (19) wants to dye his hair – and dies almost.

A 19-Year-old in France want to dye the hair. But then swells her head to a giant balloon. Almost the Frenchwoman would have paid her brunette hair with the life.

For THIS reason,.

Because of a harmless runny nose Patient brain dripping fluid from the nose.

With annoying colds just fight in the Winter, a lot of people. But the runny nose of Greg Phillpotts from the USA had a much worse reason: The patient dripped brain fluid from the nose holes!

Oak processionary 2018, the poisonous caterpillars Are also in the autumn and Winter dangerous?

The oak processionary moth continues to spread in Germany. For the people, the spread of the small caterpillars is less pleasing. How dangerous the animals are, and how you can take to protect yourself, you can find here.

After the Greenland trip alive rotten! Man rotten hands .

A Tourist from Australia wanted to enjoy travelling, the beauty of Greenland – but the man is experienced, instead, hell on earth. In the Arctic, hands off digested the holidaymakers literally – but what exactly happened?

Wasp stings prevent wasp-Alarm-to-date. You should try to avoid now .

The wasps are this year to be more aggressive than usual. What should you rather avoid if you don’t want to be stung, how to treat wasp stings correctly and why this even can be fatal, you can find here.

Harald Glööckler sick After Allergy shock in clinic! SO it is with him currently.

What happened with Harald Glööckler? The 53-Year-old shocks his Fans with lots of pictures from the hospital. To recognize A clearly a little worse for wear Patient.

So it goes to the czars of Fashion currently.

Pollen count in may, currently, attention Allergy sufferers! These pollens are in season now.

The new year spring began with mild temperatures. This also affects the pollen flight and the takes in the direction of the spring, more and more to travel. This Pollen make hay fever to create Allergy sufferers especially .

Hay fever treat Pollen Allergy -symptoms – to Help THESE home remedies really?

Each spring hay fever-Allergy-free again from the flying Pollen plagued. Going to the pharmacy and to the doctor is inevitable, isn’t it? Honey is supposed to be a home remedy for desensitization.

What is it?

Brakes trick treat what you can do against those pesky stitches .

Brakes bites can properly hurt. Especially in summer, the animals will be active. Well, who’s to prevent white.

Poplar pollen 2017 SO dangerous the flying poplar wool.

Allergy sufferers beware! Currently white pompom flying everywhere through the air. The Pollen of the poplar has begun.

We will tell you when and how long the poplar together flying through the air, and especially how dangerous they are.

Hay fever season starts in 2017 pollen season! You need to know now .

January was not so cold as usual. In some States, Pollen are in the air. This may be one reason why the nose runs.

To hay fever-Allergy-free now!

Pollen Flight In 2017, Caution, Early Bloomers! This Pollen annoy Allergy-free by now.

For pollen Allergy sufferers, the less wonderful time of the year starts now. Especially hazel, alder and ash to create them already at the beginning of the year. Information on the treatment of the symptoms, you can find here.

Tragic death of 20-Year-old is dying to kiss from your friend!

It was a young love, had a sudden, tragic end. A 20-year-old canadian girl died after a lovingly-intentioned Good night kiss from your friend. Now your mother wants to call attention to the risk .

Pollen Allergy So dangerous Pollen for Allergy sufferers are .

Not all of the German spring is the most beautiful Season of the year. Instead, a months-starts for Allergy sufferers for a long time of suffering. What helps against the pesky hay fever and when it can be dangerous, you can find here.

Pollen season 2016 hay fever and Allergy, and n: These medicines help you to Pollen.

In February, the pollen season starts with the first blooming trees. For people with hay fever can be a particularly distressing time begins then. Which medicines help and drugs to make the most sense, read here.

Pollen Calendar In 2016, Allergy -Danger! This Pollen provide current to sniff noses!

The itching eyes, running nose and sore throat. For many people, the near the beginning of spring is no reason for joy. For Allergy sufferers, this time is the beginning of an ordeal.

If Pollen floating through the air, are the spring and summer for pollen Allergy sufferers anything other than beautiful. We will tell you in our pollen calendar, when it is for Allergy sufferers particularly tricky .

Mites in the face is Disgusting! Hangs out on our skin.

What is crawling there? On our face countless mites scurry and eat to our skin cells saturated. And not mites of any Face – everyone has his personal.

Poisoning in more than 300 cases of Elderly woman dies of cucumber.

The case of the 79-Year-old died of a self-grown Zucchini is not so long ago, a new message is shocking. A Pensioner died because she was poisoned by a contaminated salad cucumber .

Allergy , cancer, death, and dangerous cleaning products are really.

Actually, cleaning agents to ensure cleanliness! However, in many stuck substances for human health not conducive. Many substances can cause allergies or cancer and some are even deadly.

Naturally, These home remedies to help against hay fever.

As soon as Pollen and grasses are on the loose, begins again, the time of the itchy eyes and runny noses. However, the handle does not have to be the Cabinet to the Medicine necessarily, because there are many natural means also help against annoying Allergy.

Extraordinary diseases If the water is bark in agony and the skin on the Tree.

We remember, and often only after a recovering from the flu, or a healed broken bone, how fortunate we are to be healthy. For many people in this world are not self-evident. You can master your life with diseases that could be exceptional and painful and hardly .

Flu shot 2014, experts advise, from now on, for the flu vaccination.

Autumn time is flu time! Doctors recommend to protect against flu especially for people from risk groups, a vaccination. All information on the flu vaccination, side effects, cost, risk of infection and symptoms here.

Common meat Allergy From tick made for vegetarians .

Vegetarians generally opt out of certain Green against the flesh. However, more than 200 people are now mutated already by tick bites to meat haters !

Pollen 2014 Allergy sufferers beware! These Pollen are 2014 particularly active.

Mild temperatures and dry air, the trees in the spring of 2014, early sprouting. The Pollen are in high form. Especially alder and birch pollen to make Allergy sufferers to manage.

Here is the pollen forecast for 2014, as well as tips and Tricks for Sore.

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